• Total Profit: upto 150%

  • Deposit: Principal Return

  • Min deposit - 10 USD

    Max Deposit - 100000 USD

  • Min Withdrawal - 1 USD

  • Min Withdrawal - 5 USD

  • Total Profit: upto 350%

  • Deposit: Principal Return

  • Min deposit - 500 USD

    Max Deposit - 500000 USD

  • Min Withdrawal - 1 USD

  • Min Withdrawal - 5 USD

  • Total Profit: upto 1000%

  • Deposit: Principal Return

  • Min deposit - 1000 USD

    Max Deposit - 1000000 USD

  • Min Withdrawal - 1 USD

  • Min Withdrawal - 5 USD

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  • Total Profit: 150%

  • Deposit: Return

  • Min deposit - 20USD

    Max Deposit -1000USD

  • Min Withdrawal - 1USD

  • Min Withdrawal - 5USD

Withdrawals are processed manually each day at 15:00 UTC. All withdrawals will be processed which were requested before 15:00 UTC. The withdrawals that are request before 15:00 UTC will be processed next day at 15:00 UTC

Our advantages

Expert Leverage Traders
This means that traders can make small deposits and enjoy a large market exposure. Note that using leverage can entail significant benefits and risks.
Unique strategies
Choosing trading volume. The more contracts we trade, the greater impact even small price changes will have on our trading account balance.
Professional support
Our help administration authorities are constantly prepared to give help at any minute. They will answer to any question you might be keen on and will offer the ideal methods for taking care of issues.
DDoS protection
Our authorities put forth a valiant effort so as to help the typical activity of the stage, shield clients from DDoS and the various sorts if programmer assaults due to staggered security frameworks.
Range of plans
We offer a decision of three ideally created speculation plans which give you chances to get up to 1000% of benefits with Leverage Trading.
Payback periods
The organization's pros make such venture conditions in which each speculation starts paying back the following day and gives benefits during the entire speculation time frame.

Referral program

Participate in our three-level referral program and provide yourself with additional income by inviting new investors on the site. Share your link and get 4% of deposits of those who have followed it, registered and made the first deposit. Also, you get 2% of deposits of those who were invited by your friends and 1% from the third level of the system.

1 level
2 level
3 level

How it works?

The referral program was given by Bull n Bear Trading Company organization us one of the instruments of having benefits on the stage. Support in our referral program permits getting steady easy revenue from the welcomed speculators. Additionally, because of the support in our referral program, you have a chance to begin ventures without making a store. Utilize the referral commission for putting resources into our duty plans without paying any assets.

Our referral framework incorporates 3 levels every one of which gives benefits. Level 1 is your immediate referrals, this implies those clients who have been welcomed by you by and by. Level 2 are clients who have been welcomed by your immediate referrals. Level 3 methods financial specialists who have entered the stage by the greeting sent by the referrals of the subsequent level. the quantity of referrals straightforwardly impacts the degree of your pay that they will give. The more financial specialists you welcome, the more benefits will you have.

Advantages of the program

Profitable conditions
We offer our clients a reward up to 50% of each deposit which is made by your user. Depends on terms and conditoins. The income is also provided by the participants of the second and the third levels of the program.
Unlimited opportunities
In our referral system, there are no restrictions in terms of the number of users. Invite absolutely any number of investors to the platform and multiply your income.
Reliable protection
Safety of deposits, funds and all the given by our investors information due to multilevel data protection systems such as 2FA, Cloudflare, Digital Ocean.


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